Professional development
Professional development is a big part of what makes a successful law firm.  It gives your teams the chance to develop, both personally and professionally. Modern candidates are looking for ever more diverse working roles and opportunities.  Those firms able to successfully facilitate ongoing training and development are the ones that will stand out from the crowd when it comes to attracting the top talent. Not only attract them, keep them. 

Expand your practises and expand employee experience.  

Expanding the practises offered by your firm is a legitimate way to protect it against potential financial hardship. This might be the perfect opportunity to expand your firms offerings.  Are there other areas of law you could specialise in? Can you offer your fee earners the opportunity to add more strings to their bow? Not only will your firm benefit, but your employees are likely to stick around if they know they’ll have the chance to grow their professional skill set. 

Keeping up with compliance. 

Anyone practising the law needs has to have a real head for compliance. It might not be the most thrilling subject, but ongoing training and development will help make it more manageable. With so many changes to legislation in the past few months, keeping your staff up to speed is critical for the reputation of your firm. 

You never know, there might be someone who comes to light as an expert. Someone to whom you could offer extra responsibility. Statistically, the more engaged you can get your team, the more likely you are to retain them. 

Professional development identifies and improves areas of weakness. 

Even the most experienced members of staff are likely to have a weak spot. We’re only human after all. 

Offering regular professional development is an excellent way of identifying the weaknesses in your team but also a constructive way of improving them. Taking this positive approach will increase that individual’s confidence, as opposed to simply telling them they’re getting it wrong. 

Future proof for structural change. 

Adaptability has been the name of the game in 2020. Large numbers of firms have seen extensive structural change, with staff having to take on new roles and responsibilities. Use your professional development schemes to best prepare for this kind of shake up. Where there may be mergers or moves, you want to know your teams are as ready as they can be to smoothly transfer their skills to their new locations or roles. 


Professional development should be a high priority for any employer. Happy, engaged employees are the ones that are likely to show long term loyalty. Save yourself the stress of worrying about recruitment and invest in the people you have.

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